Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thinking of you...


I was listening to a song today that has really helped me during the past few months. I finally took the time to look it up on YouTube to see if there was a video with lyrics for it so I could share it on Facebook. The one that I found is beautiful and there is a section in the song (2:28) where it shows a little boy with his hands in the air, head tossed back and mouth wide open.

It reminded me so much of you. Even as young as you were, you loved God with your whole heart. I remember watching you run laps around the sanctuary during our rehearsals. You ran and praised with wild abandon and didn't care who was watching.

When you sang worship songs, you sang with your entire being. I can just picture you on the front row in Heaven praising Jesus at the top of your lungs. I bet it's a beautiful, rich sound. I can't wait to hear you sing again.

Until that time, I will continue to rejoice here on Earth. I know my Savior reigns and I rejoice for He lives in me. He truly is "Always Enough."

I've decided to share the video in the blog for those who are still following. I hope it brings comfort to those who need it.

Remember, Caleb, you are always in my heart and I love you to infinity and beyond!


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