Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loved to Infinity and Beyond

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, thoughts of you filled my mind. I was remembering you and it seemed as though your entire life flashed before my eyes. When I awoke this morning, I wrote down these words.

Loved to Infinity and Beyond

I was in the room as you came out of her womb and breathed for the first time
I severed the cord between you and her; then knew that you were mine
You were handed to me and as I held you tightly in my grasp
The love inside began to grow as I thought, "My child, at last."

I watched you grow, I helped you play, I taught you how to speak
Each day with you was a miracle as was the love that we would keep.

You were told of God's great love for you and how Jesus gave His life
You accepted Him within your heart and gave to Him your life
You loved to laugh, you loved to smile, you even loved to sing
Your favorite songs were worship songs and you gladly praised our King.

When you turned five, things started to change; something was not right
You were hurting, your smile was off, and you were not sleeping tight.

It all changed in an instant, we couldn't believe the things that we had heard
In the blink of an eye, our lives turned upside down based on a single word
You were so quiet, so very still as you lay sleeping on the bed
The doctors confirmed it was a tumor that was inside your head.

We started a journey we didn't want and thought we'd never have to take
"My child is sick, may even die" and my heart began to break.

Doctors, hospitals, and MRIs -- those became our "new norm"
This wasn't what I pictured on the day that you were born
You hurt so much and I couldn't imagine being in such pain
Yet you bore it all, you were so brave, and you would not complain.

Just five short months from diagnosis, you grew so very weak
You couldn't walk, you barely ate, you couldn't even speak.

The night before you passed away, you looked into my eyes
You told me that you loved me and I think you realized
You'd never speak to us again, you'd never even wake
Then you drifted off to sleep with a smile upon your face.

Your breathing became labored, it would soon be time for death
I held you closely in my arms as you breathed your final breath.

I miss you more than ever, but rejoice because I know
We'll meet again in Heaven, God said it would be so
Oh, the joys and wonders and the things there'll be to see
When together again in Heaven, we finally will be.

I love you, dearest Caleb, you are always in my heart
Loved to infinity and beyond just like in the start.

Angela Huffines
July 26, 2011

Caleb, I will love and miss you as long as I draw breath within me -- until we are reunited in Heaven. Continue to praise our Lord and King. Sing so loud that I can hear you from here, sweet boy.

I love you to infinity and beyond,


  1. What a beautiful poem for your baby. I just came across your blog about your son and your journey. Praying for you to have peace and strength.


  2. Caleb, I wish words would come to me as eloquently as they do for your Mother. She has shared her love for God through you. Taught you to love and share of yourself. I was there the day you were born and the day that God called you to him. Just like your Mother, Father and Caden, I will love you to infinity and beyond. Look down upon us and touch us in only the way you can.

    I love you,

  3. ...and i can't cry hard enough

    my tears are so confused with love and loss and joy and hurt.

    one thing is for certain, i am filled with happiness whenever i "see" his beautiful, could-not-be-happier face in my mind.

    you are forever a part of my heart and soul.<3

  4. Beautiful and so touching. Love you guys and praying daily for you still. <3

  5. Praying for you today. Our son went to heaven over 7 years ago. I remember feeling like I held my breath for the first year, but the 2nd year wasn't really any easier. But, God is faithful. The pain never lessens, but it does become more bearable. What a beautiful poem to honor Caleb's memory.