Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend was Great!!!

So this weekend was great.

It started off with mom coming up for the weekend to help take care of the boys while Angela and I got some much needed alone time. But before mom got here, we had some dear friends Richard & Christine Goodwin come over early on Friday so Angela & I can get a head start on the weekend. We were also blessed with some movie passes and went to go see Grace Card. Great movie.

Saturday was supposed to be our big day to do what we wanted to do. It didn't quite work out the way we planned it. Mom was extremely tired from waking up several times with Caleb. Who by the way slept in his bed Friday & Saturday. We're starting to put him back in his bed over the weekends as it's easier to go without sleep on the weekends. Then Angela got a severe migraine that lasted ALL day.

However, things worked out well on Saturday after all. Angela got well by the end of the day and mom got several naps too. Caden, Caleb, and I played hard all day. Caleb and I played on the Wii for several hours off and on (over 4+ hours). Caleb also got on the floor to play some too. He hasn't done that in several months. We played roll the ball with Caden for almost an hour. Then we broke out the Hot Wheels and played with those for quite some time. Then came out the Transformers for a while. All along playing with these on the floor.

After several hours of playing on the floor, Caleb started to get tired of being on the floor and wanted to sit on the couch. So he sat on the couch and we continued playing with the Transformers while watching the Old School cartoon Transformers. We had the Transformers fighting each other and played like that for quite some time.

Make-a-Wish came by on Saturday to help get Caleb's Wish granted. By the way when we first started talking to Caleb about Make-a-Wish, his first wish would be to see a rainbow. Something man can never give him and Gods promise of another day. Genesis 9:11-17. Caleb has settled on his Make-a-Wish to go to Disney World on Star Wars weekend so he can fight Darth Vader (and win). Hopefully this process will move along now.

Saturday was topped off by Caleb's Uncle David coming over with Miguel and Heidi, his cousins. Caleb and Caden played with their cousins for several hours during the visit. Caleb was laughing and hugging his cousins and was very happy to see them.

Sunday Angela and I got a chance to go to church. Something we love to do but haven't had a lot of opportunities the last several months to go together. It was great worshiping in the House of the Lord. We had a great time.

Sunday also kicked off another marathon of playing Wii with Caleb. We must have played for several hours before going to bed.

On Monday Caleb was experiencing several symptoms that after talking with his Oncology doctor, they wanted him in the ER to check on some things. The ER visit turned into an 8 hour stay as they had a trauma case come in and it took some time to get through that. All the scan came back to where there wasn't anything significant to admit him into the hospital. And yes, Caleb was upset because he wasn't admitted. He loves to stay at the hospital. On the upside of the ER visit, they did a CT scan. The scan showed the cyst inside tumor smaller after draining 12 CC's of fluid the last time we were in the ER.

Over all, Caleb has showed signs of having his normal spirit back. For over a week now he has been more playful, laughing, singing, sharing, manners, and also wanting to play with his brother more.

-Richard Huffines
A.K.A. Daddy

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Thank you for all your prayers.


  1. Thank you for sharing, I will continue to keep Caleb and the family in my prayers.. Myra

  2. Dear Richard and Angela,

    I recently heard about your journey and have read the entire blog and I want you to know your family is in my thought and prayers.


  3. We are still here and reading the updates. We miss seeing you guys and the boys keep asking to see Caleb. Just let us know when! We are finally over the sickies that went through all of us this last month in a half.

  4. Other than Grandma being worn out and Angela being down with migraines, it sounds like a GREAT weekend for the "boys" (all 3 of them...lol) I'm glad that Grandma and Angela were able to bounce back!!

    It's great news that the fluid seems to be down in the cyst! I'm hoping if you all make it to Disney for Caleb's "Wish" I get the opportunity to meet you all.

    As always, you're all in my thoughts and daily prayers.

    Lots of Love,



  6. I loved your update! God is so good. He knows exactly what you all needed at the exact time. We continue to lift all of you up in prayer. Love you guys!
    Brett and Andrea

  7. I absolutely loved this post and think of you guys often. I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. My heart and prayers are with you guys.
    Kimberly Runyon Buratt

  8. I just saw your blog from a dear high school friend. I have read your entire story. Caleb is such a strong and brave little boy. You are in my thoughts all the way here in Mexico City, Mexico!