Friday, March 25, 2011

Update on Prayer Requests from 3/22/11 Post

These are the specific prayers requests from our post on 3/22/11 with updates.

1. It's NOT to late for our Lord to perform a miracle.
We still believe a miracle is possible & will not give up hope.

2. That our family is able to get here in time to say goodbye.
Our family has already begun to arrive. More will arrive en masse on Friday evening & Saturday morning.

3. That we are able to get Caleb's pain under control & keep it there.
We continue to work with the Pain Management Team at Children's to help make Caleb comfortable & pain-free. Adjustments are still being made.

4. That he is feeling well enough to be released from the hospital & wants to go home for the weekend.
We ARE leaving the hospital on Friday around mid-day to go home.

5. That he is feeling well enough to at least attend Caleb Day on Saturday.
We still hope he will be feeling well enough to attend Caleb Day. If he is not feeling up to throwing the first pitch, he has requested that his best friend, Braeden, be allowed to throw it for him.

6. That we continue to find the strength to endure what will come.
We stand in faith that God knows what he is doing. We don't understand it all, but we know that He is in control & has a plan for Caleb & for us as a family.

7. That we are able to have a conversation with Caleb about dying & Heaven without him becoming fearful.
We spoke with Caleb at length about dying & Heaven. We explained that the tumor is not getting better & appears to be growing again. We told him that because of the type of cancer it is, that it probably will end his life soon, unless God intervenes with a miracle. We shared with him that once he gets to Heaven, he will never have any more pain of any kind, he will be able to run, play, go fishing & anything else he wants to do. And most of all, he will be with Jesus forever. We told him that he will no longer be afraid because he will know so much love & peace in Heaven. He asked, "Why?"  We explained that because he is so smart, generous, loving & kind God realized that Caleb was needed more in Heaven than we need him here on Earth. We said that God must have a very special plan for Caleb to need him in Heaven so soon. Caleb said, "I don't want to die."  We answered that we don't want him to either, but God knows what He is doing & God's plan is always best. I told him that Heaven is the place I most want to be, but it's not my time to go yet -- it's Caleb's. I told him that I just know he will help Jesus decorate my mansion in purple with cats since those are my favorite things. And that Caleb would be the first to greet me when it is my time. I then mentioned some people that he knows that have gone before him and will be there to greet him so he won't be alone. We hugged & cried for a long time. I then crawled into the bed with him and held him for hours.

8. That we are able to tell Caleb about his biological siblings & them about him.
We had a talk with Caleb about his biological mom & siblings. He met with her & one of his sibling. When asked if he thought it was "pretty cool" he responded with a thumbs-up (our sign for yes). The entire discussion went well.

We have been informed that Caleb will get to ride to Caleb Day on a fire truck with a police escort! We will probably head right back to the house after Caleb's portion of the activities so he can reserve his strength.

We have also been invited to the FC Dallas Soccer game Saturday night. They would like to present Caleb with his own jersey autographed by the team at half-time! The game starts at 8pm at Pizza Hut Park near Frisco Square. We're not sure Caleb will be up to attending, but we will more than likely have a family member there to accept on his behalf.

We were also contacted by a local reporter who is doing an article on Caleb to put in the Little Elm Journal which will be published on Friday. News is spreading fast.


We are so grateful & humbled by the love & support that has been showered upon us during this difficult time. Please know that even though we aren't always able to respond to everyone, we do read every single comment here & on Facebook. Thank you for all your continued prayers for our family during this time.

Angel, Richard, Caleb, & Caden Huffines

P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment. Please remember to put your name & a location if possible. Caleb has been enjoying hearing how many people all over the world are praying for him.


  1. Your entire family is in my heart and prayers daily. I can not stop thinking about Caleb. I pray that he feels well enough to find joy in the following days and that through "Caleb's Day" and the other events planned for this weekend Caleb is able to visualize all of the support he has during this time. I pray that we all may wrap our arms around Caleb and your family and give you strength to face the obstacles ahead of you. I also pray that in times where worldy comfort is not found, you may find comfort in trusting in the Lord and His plan.
    Please know SO many are forever touched by Caleb and your family.
    With deepest sympathy,
    The Medina Family in Stephenville, TX

  2. Caleb, you do not know me, but if you do go to heaven soon, my husband, Michael, will be there to meet you, as he knew your mommy and daddy. I hope and pray you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Know you are loved by a whole bunch of people, who continue to pray for you daily. A friend in Christ, Yolanda, Grapevine, Texas

  3. We are praying for a miracle! My heart breaks over you having to talk about him dying. As a parent I can't imagine what it was like. I pray for your strength. Let Caleb know that my mom and dad are in Heaven and they love kids. He can also meet my baby, John, who is in Heaven. I don't want Caleb to die obviously, but I would love to know he is there taking care of my baby for me until I can get there. There are other kids I know there that will be happy to show him around.
    I pray that God guides you all in these next days and weeks.
    Love, Lisa, Dale, Jillian and Lydia Larkins (friends of Jennifer and Bernie)

  4. Hi, I can't imagine as a parent to have to tell my child they are going to die, You are so strong, That truly breaks my heart but You put it in such an amazing sweet way... very well explained. If you want, you can tell Caleb about these 2 little sweet boys who actually were twin brothers, they had a long fight with leukemia and sadly passed away shortly after their 5th birthday(they died 6 weeks apart from each other)... They actually lived in my town and I was 14 at that time and did a little fundraiser for them, Please tell Caleb these sweet little boys are up there waiting to play with him... here is their story if you would like to read on it, there are more articles on them on the left side of the story:

    -Cynthia M.

  5. How exciting about Caleb Day, the fire truck and the signed jersey!! What a thrill for Caleb to know those are coming up. I commend you all on your faith, bravery and courage.. you are all truly remarkable and a real inspiration in the face of adversity. What a lovely and loving family you all are! Caleb I hope you will be feeling well enough for Caleb day and will have a really wonderful time!! Love and warm hugs from Bella xxx (New Zealand)

  6. My heart is so conflicted - I want Caleb here and in your arms I want God's miracle to be healing here on earth. I want him in your loving presence. Then I think that as much love that is being showered on him here - The love he will recieve in the presence of our Lord and Savior dims all we could do. Please know I am praying for you and sending my love. You indeed are a precious family.

  7. The Lord called my husband home last year (May 2010) ... I have been 'talking' to him and last night told him to watch for Caleb and show him around ... so Caleb 'Grandpa Don' will meet you at the gate - look for him he will be wearing a smile and he gives the best hugs.

    Becky Holiman
    Little Elm, TX

    PS: after rereading these comments there is going to be a line of people waiting on Caleb and he will be covered over with love

  8. Praying for all of you during this difficult time. God bless you Caleb, your family, and all your friends!
    Laura in New York

  9. Caleb, I have never met you or your family but I feel like I know you all. Erin & Sydney talk about you a lot. You are an awesome boy who has touched so many people's hearts including mine! I am so excited for you to have your own Day and get to ride in a fire truck with a police escort! I hope you have a great time! You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I believe in miracles too!!!

  10. Caleb

    God has great plans for you but also know you have touched so many people on earth. I feel you made non believers....BELIEVERS! That is your special gift from heaven. Jesus will never let you go especially now. Your family will also be kept safe in God's arms. When you feel afraid just start singing "Yes Jesus Loves Me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so."


    Lisa W

  11. May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace.

  12. Caleb,
    I do not know you or your family, but I have been keeping up on your condition. You are a very brave boy and your parents have such love for you. If God decides to take you home there is no doubt in my mind that you will find more love and happiness than you could ever imagine. Never fear love. I recently had my third baby, a boy. I gave him the name Caleb as well. I hope it's ok with you that I was thinking about you when I named him. I hope my Caleb is as strong and brave as you are and he will carry his name in honor of you no matter what happens. Lots of love to you and your family! A deeply touched family, Missouri.

  13. Caleb,
    I am so amazed by your courage and strength during your fight against cancer. Your body may be weak right now, but your spirit is strong. And our God is even more so. Rest in Him. The FORCE is strong in you, young Jedi. :)
    Angela & Richard,
    Thank you for sharing your journey and reminding me daily of God's gracious love. Praying constantly...

    Jennifer Hearron
    Prosper, TX