Thursday, March 10, 2011

Specific Prayer Request & No Additional Update Tonight

We can't go into details at this time, but we have a couple of specific prayer requests.

  1. Stopping the steroids should have minimal to no impact for the next week
  2. We want his cholesterol & triglycerides to be less than 300 & sugar to be normal & clotting studies to be normal near the end of next week.
  3. Once we start the new study, we want it to be effective.

We are under doctor's orders to go to sleep NOW! We'll update tomorrow.



  1. Go to sleep. We will see you Sat am. I am leaving @ noon. Won't miss the Star Wars event
    . Noah was so sweet last night when he asked "what's wrong with Caleb?"
    Obviously when they went skating, Caleb was just a regular boy to him
    Love Aunt Dar

  2. Wishing you deep sleep for tonight and prayers for success!!

    Lots of Love,


  3. Goodnight aunt angelaand uncle richard! Caleb has always been in my prayers! I love you both! Kiss Caleb on the forehead! I know God has something in stored for y'all! Keep believing! Have faith! Its all in God's hands now! Get a goodnights rest!


  4. I do not know you guys, But I would like Sweet Caleb to know we are praying for him, Please God watch over this sweet innocent little boy... He does not deserve any of this... My wish is for their to be a miracle!!! Caleb we love you baby boy.... From NY, Cynthia

  5. Good Morning,
    Want you to know that your prayer requests are being sent out to our prayer group and we will pray this morning @ staff prayer. Continue to let us know how we can help. P. Jan

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with Caleb. What a strong little boy! I pray that the new study is a success! God bless you and your family.

  7. We also have added Caleb and his family to our prayer list here in Texas. Be strong and know God hears and answers prayers.


  8. I dont know you, but apparently someone I do know, does know you and forwarded this to me. I want you to know I am in constant prayer for your little boy and the family. Just please remember, With God, ALL things are Possible! Praying peace be over you all, as you endure these times. I'm believing in your miracle! <3


  9. Hi, My name is Susan Forbes and i have been following Caleb's story since this blog first started. I am friends with his Aunt Chasity. I have a 6 yr old son and cannot imagine the pain and heart ache your family has. We have prayed endlessly for Caleb and we will continue to do so. God is so much bigger than all of us. And we ask him every night to hold Caleb in his arms and take away all of his illness and pain. Caleb is a very strong little man. He is much stronger than most adults. He gives us all a new look at life and how meaningful things are. Please continue to believe in miracles and Let Caleb know that we admire his strength and love him even though we don't know him personally. If we can learn one thing from Caleb, it is not to give up. Praying for your miracle and many hugs to all of you.