Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Sunday, & We're Still Here

Good Sunday morning to everyone! I hope you have all been able to get your praise on today!  Here's where things stand so far today.

Caleb woke several times during the night to potty. Around 5 a.m., he woke up soaking wet. While in the process of taking him to potty & cleaning him up, he became very agitated -- more so than I can remember in a while. He was thrashing around, banging himself against the wall in the bathroom, trying to throw himself off the toilet & slamming his wrist/arm against the rails of the bed once we got him back in it.  He was also saying his head was at a 6 again, so we ordered some morphine for him. The nurse mentioned that he also had Ativan on order for help with the nausea & that it would calm him down by sedating him. Since I was concerned he might injure himself, I had her order it as well.

Since then, he has been so out of it that we can't understand anything he's saying. He's also very confused. He keeps asking where he is & saying that he needs to be admitted to the hospital. He doesn't remember that we've been here since Friday already.

Dr. Bowers just came by. He's concerned with Caleb's state of consciousness right now. We're not 100% certain it's just the Ativan causing this. He was extremely drowsy when we first started him on the VPA back in October. So, since just started that again, it could be it or a combination of the morphine, Ativan & VPA. We're stopping the Ativan & VPA for now & will give morphine only when requested by Caleb so we can get him back to a more coherent state. We discussed his constipation issue & decided that we'd give him a break today especially since he is so out of it. We'll go over everything again in the morning to see where things stand at that time & how he does for the rest of today.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We so appreciate them.


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  1. You will always have my heartfelt prayers. Now more than ever you will need to be strong in your faith and each other. We love you and want very much to be there with you. Give our grandson hugs and kisses for us. Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Carissa WilliamsMarch 6, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    Oh, your poor little guy! Again, we're still praying for all of you and checking your blog daily for updates.

    Is the Zofran making Caleb constipated? I used that during my pregnancy and was unbelievably constipated from it. I had some major issues from that.

    Know you that you all are loved and prayed for.

  3. Aww, what a hell on earth for Caleb and all of you!! I certainly hope the doctors can find a combination that helps the pain but doesn't knock him out. Poor little guy has been through so much.

    As always, you're all in my daily thoughts and prayers!

    Lots of Love,