Thursday, February 24, 2011

OT Eval & Clinic Today

Caleb did fabulous for his OT Eval today! He chose to cooperate with everything we were doing. The therapist will be writing up her evaluation & submitting it to the insurance company tomorrow. They are looking at 8 visits per month for OT so far. We have the PT eval on March 1st & the Speech eval on March 2nd.

Clinic went smoothly today as well. He had his sutures removed with very little fuss. No bloodwork today!  We also met with Dr. Leger & a psychologist to discuss how we're all handling things.

Since Caleb made such good choices, he got to enjoy over an hour of Wii time with Daddy. They played Super Mario Galaxy 2 together. Caleb was "the star" & helped Daddy by gathering coins & getting the bad guys before they could get Daddy.

We're looking forward to G-ma & Pawpaw coming up this weekend to watch the boys & give us a break. Caleb will be sleeping in his bed overnight for the first time in almost 2 months. We're working on transitioning him back to his bed. We started with naps & are moving to Friday & Saturday night. Hopefully soon we'll have him back in his room every night. It's a slow process because he says he's afraid to be alone. I can't really blame him for that at all, but it's just not feasible for him to stay in our bed. Caden doesn't understand why "Bubba" gets to sleep with us & he can't. He keeps trying to get me to lay down in his toddler bed with him.

We have some friends coming over tomorrow evening to watch the boys while Richard & I go out (before G-ma gets here). Please pray that both boys cooperate with Richard & Christine.

The Team Caleb attire seems to be a hit. Thanks so much to everyone who has made a purchase. We appreciate your support more than we can express.


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  1. I'm so glad that everything is working out for you and your family. I can understand how Caleb feels about sleeping in his own bed.

    I told me nephew that I'd ordered him a Team Caleb shirt and he was overjoyed! LoL He's taken a real interest in Caleb and is hoping to meet him one day. :)

    Lots of Love,