Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home OT Evaluation Today!! Finally!

I am so excited. The OT specialist is supposed to be here at 10am today to do Caleb's evaluation so we can start his home OT therapy. This has been so long in coming.  Our initial OT eval was done in December, but then we never got any appointments scheduled due to staffing issues. I can't wait for this to take place.

Please pray that Caleb cooperates. He's already told me this morning that he's not going to cooperate with anything she wants him to do. So, I've told him what his consequences will be. No cooperation = no TV or Wii. I sure hope he makes a good choice. His dad wants to spend some time playing Wii with him.

Thanks for your continued prayers everyone!

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  1. Oh let's hope Caleb decided to cooperate without being forced to lose privileges. It's a shame he's so little, it's got to be hard for him to understand. You and Richard are shining examples of loving, caring, GOOD parents!

    Lots of Love,