Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleeping (kinda)

Caleb's up in the room and trying to rest. However, he's in a lot of pain right now. Partially from the tubing that runs from his head to his abdomen, partially from the incision in his abdomen. We're trying to keep the pain under control, but he spit out half of his pain medicine when he first got back to the room and it's 4 hours between doses.  Please pray for quick pain relief for him and that he cooperates when it's time to take meds again.  It's hard to keep the pain under control if he doesn't take ALL the medicine.

His friend, Sydney, from radiation treatment is also in-patient this week with chemo treatments. She's come by to see him already. That gorgeous little 4-yr old sure knows how to ride an IV pole down the hall! Forget walking, she's riding in STYLE!!! ;)  We are excited that her last MRI came back cancer-free!  I am so glad we've had the chance to become friends with Sydney, her mom, Erin, and her grandparents.  Please keep them in your prayers as well as they continue the remainder of her treatments to make sure it stays gone. To learn more about this amazing little girl, check out her blog at:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sydneymayrell

Super HUGE thanks to Beckie & Brandon for continuing to let Caden stay with them. It's comforting not having to wonder if he's doing okay in the midst of all that's going on with Caleb.

Again, we love all of you and thank you for your continued prayers.


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  1. Hopefully the pain will begin to subside for Caleb soon. The poor little guy has been a real trooper. My heart goes out to all of you, but especially to Caleb. You're always in my thoughts and prayers hon!

    Lots of Love,