Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Possibly More Surgery

Well, I got to the hospital today just after the oncology team and the P.A. for neurosurgery got to the room to go over the MRI results.  There is definitely still blood in the tumor. The ventricles have not gotten any smaller, but have gotten bigger instead. They are not certain if there is pressure there as well or not, but, based solely on Caleb's symptoms, they believe there is some pressure as well.  At this time, the next medication we were supposed to start is no longer an option because of the potential for causing additional bleeding in his brain.

We are supposed to meet with the neurosurgeon again Thursday morning around 10 or so to see what his thoughts are for next steps to relieve the potential pressure and the associated pain, if possible.  Based on our conversation with the neurosurgery P.A., we think he is probably going to suggest an additional surgery to place a shunt to drain the spinal fluid build-up.  This could happen as early as Friday, but is not a definite yet.

We have Caleb on pain meds every 4 hours again to help relieve pain. He's having marked decrease in motor functions, vision & thought processes right now. He told us tonight that, "My eyes won't do what I want them to do."  When we asked him to explain, he said that he wanted to keep them open to watch something, but he couldn't get them to stay open and he wasn't really tired. However, he has been asleep for most of the past 3 days and nights.

He's met with PT & OT while there.  PT was going to get him a walker to see how he could do with it, but since he's not able to grasp with his right hand, he's not steady enough to be able to use a walker right now.

Too tired to type now (and the cat won't get off my arms). Going to bed. More tomorrow, hopefully.

Please keep praying.


  1. It breaks my heart to see you and your family going through this terrible ordeal. Poor Caleb, I'm sure additional surgery isn't what he'd like right now. However, from what you write, it sounds like the best plan of action for relief. I can only hope and pray things get better and STAY that way for you and your lovely family.

    Lots of Love,


  2. God Almighty, HELP THAT CHILD!! Amen.