Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st Physical Therapy Appt.

Today was Caleb's 1st physical therapy appointment. He balked a little at the beginning but by the end, he wanted to stay.  He rode a modified bike that had straps on the feet & around his waist to keep him balanced. His therapist, Phoebe, said that we could order one of the bikes for use at home. When I asked her how much it would cost, she said they are donated by the company that makes them! How awesome is that?! He had a really good time riding the bike & is ready to go again next week.

He also "went fishing"  by squatting to retrieve weighted "fish" from the floor & throw them to"shore."  He then used frogs to play tic-tac-toe with his right arm only. He loved it and did very well with it.

Oh! Quick side note. When we were on the way home from the ER on Monday morning, Richard & I were talking together. Caleb started talking about something and we didn't pay attention. So he says really loud, "Fine! Since no one is listening to me, YOU'RE FIRED!"

Gotta love a kid with a sense of humor!

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  1. LOL He's priceless that little guy!! :)

    Lots of Love,