Sunday, November 7, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

Caleb had another great day today.  He played Wii for about 1.5 hours before saying, "Daddy, my thumbs are hurting from moving the controllers around." (Mine do that too!) He then watched a movie. Short nap after lunch. Dinner at a friend's house, where he played Lego Star Wars with his friends for another hour or so. Came home, showered, went to bed.

I'm so thankful he's feeling better. He's noticing the difference in himself as well. He told me he's getting his strength & energy back. He also said it's easier to walk now. I asked him if he was planning to race Dr. Murphy to the treatment room tomorrow and he said, "Maybe." That's better than the straight "No" we've been getting from him.

He even took his medicine today with no fussing! Things are going well.

We continue to put our faith, hope & trust in God. He is able to do what man can not do. His ways are not our ways, and His timing is always perfect. To God be the glory, honor, & praise every waking moment of my day.

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