Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PT Evaluation & A Visit With Friends

Today has been a busy day for my little miracle man.  Up at 4:30am for meds & to get ready for radiation. Found out they have to do another scan Wednesday morning to fit him for another mask for treatment. He's still so swollen, it's difficult to breathe during treatment (mask #3).

We left there to head for his physical therapy (PT) evaluation in Plano.  By the time they finished all the parts of the standardized evaluation test (Peabody Developmental Gross Motor Scale), Caleb was unofficially testing out with the gross motor skills of a 3-yr old. We've got some work ahead of us to get him back on track. Hopefully, he'll find it fun.  They encouraged us to continue to keep him moving & let him play Wii Fit Plus as much as he wants because it will help strengthen his core.

We headed to lunch at McDonald's. When we left there, Caleb says, "Mommy, I want to go to school to see my friends."  So, we headed straight to the school.  He was so happy to see everyone and they were ecstatic to see him!  He told them all about what happens at radiation, showed them his "Beads of Courage" necklace and his accessed port site. We stayed for storytime and he participated with the class & even remembered the rules of the class. We visited for about an hour with a promise of coming again soon before heading home.

He played Wii for a bit, wrestled and rough-housed with his dad & his brother and finally crashed about 7:30pm.

He is such an extraordinary child and I couldn't be more proud of him. He's maintaining a positive attitude and the crying/whining has almost disappeared.  This is the little boy I'm used to seeing.

We're not out of the woods yet, so keep those prayers coming.



  1. Ho wonderful that Caleb is doing so well. You're all in my daily thoughts & prayers.

    Lots of Love,