Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a good day to be thankful. Caleb has been playing hard all day with his cousins. He's been so excited all week about getting to see them today. While we were driving here last night, we told Caleb that he could stay up as late as he wanted because his cousins wouldn't be there until late in the evening. He said that he knew he could stay up late because he was going to be at the "spoil house."  We laughed with him. We know he gets spoiled at his grandma's house & he loves it.

We're a little concerned that we may have to increase the steroids again. Since we decreased it last week, he's had a headache almost every day. I have a feeling that as soon as we notify the doctors they will increase it again. We're not looking forward to that. He's been responding to everything so well & we're just ready to have his eating under control again.

Please pray that his headaches cease & we don't have to increase the steroids again.

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