Sunday, November 21, 2010

Caleb Wants Some Help With A Game

Caleb has created a game to play while traveling in the car that he would like to spread around the country (or world!).

Most people know how to play the Slugbug/Punchbug game with Volkswagon Beetles. This game is similar because you are still hunting for a particular type of item. The biggest difference is that you are actually hunting for a specific color -- YELLOW!

When you see something yellow, you call out the color and the item.

Yellow Car
Yellow Truck
Yellow Van
Yellow SUV
Yellow Jeep
Yellow Machine (Construction Equipment)
Yellow Man (construction worker dressed in yellow)

1. Game starts when your vehicle engine starts & ends when your engine turns off. This way you give all participants a chance to win during one trip.
2. Vehicles/equipment must be moving or have a person in it.
3. Cars in a dealership do NOT count.
4. Yellow signs and/or buildings do NOT count.
5. You score 1 point for each yellow item.
6. A Yellow Slugbug/Punchbug is worth 10 points.
7. The person with the most points at the end of each trip segment wins that segment.

Please pass this post on to help us spread this game as far as we can. I'd love to have updates to see how far this is spreading from Texas.

Thank you & please keep those prayers coming. We'd love to see the results from his next MRI show no tumor at all.

To God be all the glory, honor & praise!


  1. my kids get me on the slug bug thing all the time (not fair cuz i'm driving right!) they also do the prius (counts as a double slug!!) i think adding the colors would be fun!!!

    continually praying...


    let me know if/when you & your guys would like to get together with me & my crew!!! stacy talks about caleb to them all the time...

  2. Caleb, that sounds like such a fun game! My family lives in New Zealand, and I have two girls (7 and 9)...and I will be sure to tell them about that game when we go travelling in the car!! I'm sure they will love to play it. Warm healing hugs xx Bella

  3. My daughter Stormie, that is 13 and attends school in Little Elm, started this game with me. I have no idea when/where she learned it, but it is spreading. 3/25/11.