Monday, November 1, 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure

We were talking to some friends the other day about the difficulties I've been having getting around with Caleb by myself. He's still having a lot of trouble walking on his own -- lack of strength & muscle control, so he's wanting to be carried everywhere. I can NOT carry 50 extra pounds around for very long at all. So, I've been using Caden's umbrella stroller. It's a bit small for Caleb, but it's all we had.

Well, tonight our friends, Josh & Amie, came over and surprised us with a jogging stroller that holds up to 75 pounds!

We truly are blessed beyond measure with wonderful friends and family.

Thank you, Josh & Amie. We love y'all!

Side view with canopy open

Front View

Large storage basket underneath!

Side view with canopy closed


  1. Caleb loved the new "Three Wheeler" that is what we call it. Daddy loves it too. It was easy to move around and fold up when done with it.

  2. What WONDERFUL friends you have!! That's great.